Letting Shit Go Series: Interview with Alexandria

For our first post in our Letting Shit Go series, we had the chance to interview the lovely, and beautiful on the inside and out Alexandria (@theonlyalexndria). She’s a yoga teacher, sound healer, and a wise soul. We are humbled to be able to interview her, lots of great relatable and relevant tips in here to take home peeps! See below.

Who are you - in 5 sentences?

Well, I am a human being who is evolving every day.
I find my joy and purpose in being of service to people, animals and this planet.
All things music, voice and sound are what bring me to life and are the best ways for me to share and help those around me.
I am a creator, a goddess, a teacher, a student, and fur-mom, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.
I believe that we are all our own gurus, that the power of plants can help us heal, and all living beings are equal. 

What sh*t have you had to let go of?

Like most of us, I have had to let go of not being good enough. This is always an ongoing process with the ebbs and flows of life. Releasing past experiences and turning that unworthiness into worthiness, confidence and unshakable belief in myself has been a journey - and one that is still unfolding for that matter.

How has this changed your life?

Believing in myself has allowed me to put myself out there, to dive into the unknown, to go for what my heart desires and be fearless, even if it crumbles ! 

I have learnt that there is no failure, just failure to start. We grow from every experience, even if we perceive it as "unsuccessful". With the nature of the work I do, there is no formula, hence constant trial and error, growing and learning is how to find your way! 

What’s one important thing you do to keep calm and happy everyday?

Breatheeeeee. I can't emphasize enough how much your breath is the KEY! Life is unpredictable. When things happen, no matter how big or small - if they shake you and throw you off, your breath will always save the day. 
Deep, lower belly breaths always do the trick for me. In a matter of seconds your state shifts from reaction to response. Your heart rate settles, and mind can find ease. Breathe baby Breathe.

Share some words of wisdom you’ve learned along the way. 
Remember you are powerful. Remember you are capable. Remember you are worthy. 
The life you want is already there for you. You just need to stop stressing about it and take small steps towards it, and just let the rest unfold.