Letting Shit Go Series: Interview with Samara

Another amazing lady we had the chance to interview for our Let That Sh*t Go series! She's a multi-talented, life coach and yoga teacher. Samara from @mindfulnessmatters had some brilliant wisdom on letting things go 💞🙌

1. Who are you - in 5 sentences?

I am a life coach, yoga teacher, mindset shifter, travel junkie, dog mom and Canadian girl living in LA. I am dedicated to creating a platform for leaders to reach their infinite potential. Through teaching yoga, meditation, and mindfulness my approach lies in integrating these age old techniques into our daily lives to be our best selves. I work with individuals and businesses, to highlight their innate talents, and guide them with ease to the practical application of their strengths. I love sharing the essence of Mindfulness Matters with my community through transformative retreats in LA, Toronto and Costa Rica. 

2. What sh*t have you had to let go of?

I have had to let go of the perfectionism that comes along with a type A personality. I call myself a recovering type A as I've learned to live life more in flow rather than black and white by really getting to know myself, listening to my intuition, and ultimately letting go of the societal 'shoulds' and control. I had to let go of specific outcomes, learn how to not sweat the small stuff to carve out the path that was ultimately right for me. 

3. How has this changed your life?

This has changed EVERYTHING! Most significantly it has allowed me to believe that everything is a lesson or a blessing and that I am not a victim to my circumstances, and that nothing happens by coincidence. It has helped me get out of my head, back into my heart and ultimately surrender to my own creativity that comes through letting go. 

4. What’s one important thing you do to keep calm and happy everyday?

Meditation is one of my non-negotiables. I take this tool with my everyday, wherever I go, as it allows me to come back to the present moment and ask myself 'What is important right now?" I do this through a stillness practice, or a moving meditation like yoga or hiking. 

5. Share some words of wisdom you’ve learned along the way. 

Love yourself first. This will enable you to share, give and be love for others.