The Mind - Friend or Foe?

Many of the ancients talk about how taming the mind is like disciplining a child. It’s constantly running in directions you don’t want it to and sometimes saying things that are not always so nice. The great part about learning this is you start to think of your mind as a smaller part of you, versus associate yourself with it as who you are to the core.

Our minds and thoughts are a very small part of us and once we start seeing them as something separate we can better ‘manage’ it versus ‘getting caught up’ in it.

As you notice your mind running in all kinds of directions - being stressed about work while you’re at home, fuming about that rude person, wondering how you’re going to get through your to-do list - just simply observe it. Don’t get involved in the thought by solving for it or judging it, just look at it…’oh there i go thinking about work again.’

When you do this, you can befriend your mind by creating some space between you and your thoughts. You feel slightly more in control of how to manage your racing mind. And most importantly, you can more easily #letthatshitgo.

Why is it important to let that shit go?

Letting shit go is not always easy. Sometimes we are so used to holding onto things that we almost can't let them go because we don’t know who we are without them. We are so tightly associated with our story that we identify with it. Other times we don’t even realize we have shit to let go until we truly introspect.

Looking within and assessing what’s going on in there is like playing a game of would you rather - would you rather see all the shit swirling around that you’re unaware of or have Doritos as fingers - tough call.

The thing is - often when we finally look at what we’re holding onto and treat it like a mother would her child, we can take steps to letting it go. It might involve some breakdowns or emergency heart-to-hearts with amazing aunt Bertha, but once you get through it, we promise, you will feel so much better. Like a weight lifted off. You’ll have more peace of mind and more calm throughout your day. It’s like shedding a layer of snake skin and becoming a new version of yourself.

We’re not saying what you were holding on to will completely disappear out of your subconscious mind, but you won’t be as attached or triggered by things when they come up.  

Like they say with working out - no pain, no gain, but it’s always worth it. Same goes for the mind, when we look at what’s going on in there and work to let it go, (as tough as that can be), we can start to access more of that peace and calm within.