Want to bring this to the office?


We’ve got experience with that.

Combined we have over two decades of experience working in corporate, in both sales and marketing - client and agency side. We get the peaks and valleys of the grind and have distilled the content of our book into easy and relatable ways to apply in the office. We’ve done countless corporate workshops, check out some of our partners and clients below.

Kate started Mind Matters in 2016, an organization whose aim is to make mental health more comfortable. Over a thousand students have attended their workshops and she’s lead a number of corporate ones to help reduce stress and build new thinking patterns.

Nina’s mindfulness company Pure Minds has worked with numerous corporations to help drive productivity, focus and overall efficiency by implementing a practical approach to mindfulness. Her workshops are interactive an team-building in nature.

With our experience and skills combined we’ve developed a “Let that Shit Go” workshop

applicable for any office yearning to ditch the stress and find tactics to bring in some calm.

Sample clients and testimonials:

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.44.16 PM.png
Our team workshop was incredible – catered specifically for the audience and the content was geared towards practical applications in not only our work environment, but our personal as well.
— Julie Chung Sr. Manager Visual Operations, INDIGO
The workshop has given us a common language to share with each other in how we’re navigating the multiple priorities and responsibilities in our organization and has reset our compass for why we’re really here. Becoming “mindful” has been an essential element on our journey of becoming a high performing team.
— Martin Spencer, Senior Director Sales - US, Mars Wrigley Confectionary
Our Marketing Team was lead through a workshop on mindfulness to help build resilience and perspective among the team. The session was extremely interactive, thought-provoking and helpful in both a professional and personal manner. The way the workshop is designed helps to build life-long skills so the value created for each individual goes beyond the office. The team was so engaged. I appreciate how the content is customized to cater to your needs, so you can be confident in creating an experience that will have an impact.
— Babita Bhattal, Chief of Staff, Global Marketing GSK
It was both a pleasure and inspiring working with Nina and Kate. Their workshop not only taught us about mindfulness but gave us key takeaways that we have already started implementing into our everyday life.
— Lindsay Knowlton, Director - Partnerships, Knixwear